Help - Delivery


Rates are based on weight (kilograms - kg):

Less than 2kg Shipping £3.50
Light Shipping (2kg - 5kg)  £4.99
Standard Shipping (5kg - 10kg) £5.99
Heavy Goods Shipping (10kg-20kg) £8.99
Super Heavy Shipping (20kg-50kg)  £15



How long is delivery?

We aim to deliver within 3 to 5 working days which is standard across most online stores. However, on a rare occasion deliveries may take up to 14 days to arrive.

Orders of Clothing or Accessories - such as T-Shirts, Mugs and Hats - take a little longer as they have to be produced and quality checked before dispatching. Delivery of such items may take between 7 and 14 working days.


Can I send an order to more than one address?

To send orders to multiple addresses you will need to place separate orders.


Do you deliver overseas?

Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the United Kingdom at the moment.


What happens if I'm out when you deliver?

If you're out when we try to deliver, the driver will try a neighbour or find a safe and secure place to leave your parcel. If they cannot find a safe place, your parcel will be returned to the depot.

They'll leave you a card explaining where your parcel is and what to do next.

Royal Mail will take your parcel to the local sorting office if it requires a signature and you're not in. Royal Mail will leave a card at your address explaining what to do next if your order requires a signature.


Green Packaging Policy

Being based online saves a great deal of energy use and pollution rather than having a physical store or supermarket. But we do know that cardboard boxes and plastic packaging have their own adverse impact on the environment.

So, when most people order online, they receive their goods in a brand new cardboard box that has never been used before and may never be used again. The manufacture and distribution of these boxes adds an already negative environmental cost to the overall buying process, one that we wish to minimise.

Therefore, where possible, we may send your goods in a reused box that is probably not as pristine as it used to be, but grants you the peace of mind that your purchase has been even more green than usual!

The same with the packaging that surrounds your products. We strive to use recyclable products such as paper to pack our deliveries, but on the odd occasion where you find bubble wrap or other plastic packaging materials, rest assured that it is not it's first trip out there into the big wide world!


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