About Us

We are a brand new family-run vegan online store, aiming to drive down the cost of the most popular vegan products. We believe that it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to be vegan, or to have the best vegan brands. Instead, we offer consistently low prices across our entire range!

Yes Vegan! is also a movement, not just a shop. We want to bring vegans together to share and inspire and help veganism grow wherever you are. That's why, in 2019, we will be looking to launch a resources page, linking in with partners and activists and even rival food stores to keep the pace of veganism marching forward.


We believe strongly in the following principles:

  1. All animals have a right not to be harmed, mistreated or killed for the commercial benefit or entertainment of humanity;

  2. With human nature being inclined to take over, develop and constantly change every environment we come across, it is therefore our responsibility to NURTURE and IMPROVE the quality of life of all animals;

  3. Commercial waste is a huge problem for the natural world, and so all efforts are made to avoid the use of non-biodegradable packaging. When it is used, it has been re-used from a previous source and never produced fresh from a factory.

  4. Animal rights is a smaller part of a progressive movement that needs to keep pushing forward. This includes the fight against climate change, universal freedom of speech and feminism, among other things. We believe the fundamental definition of veganism includes all these things and we will stand up against all those who oppose such values.

  5. Chocolate is good.


We will soon be developing a resources page, full of links to vegan sites, information, charities, activist websites and so on... Get ready!